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Products We Carry

At HAIRY WINSTON, we strive to find the best, safest and healthiest products we can for your furry friends.  Whether it is our selection of human grade foods and treats or our super tough made in the USA toys or our all natural shampoos and grooming products.  
 We stock only the items we feel meet our very high standards.


We have a large selection of 

Human Grade - Organic - Holistic - Natural - Raw - Freeze Dried - Dehydrated - Low Glycemic - Ethically Sourced - Certified Humane - Non GMO - Wheat Free - Corn Free -  Soy Free - Grain Free - Gluten Free -  Potato Free - Sweet Potato Free - Legume Free- 

Dairy Free - Preservative Free - Limited Ingredient foods

We do not carry any foods that are made in 

or use ingredients from China.

food pic 3.png

Brands We Carry:

  • A Pup Above Gently Cooked & Freeze Dried

  • Fromm Kibble & Cans

  • Side By Side Freeze Dried

  • The Simple Food Project

  • Real Meat Air Dried

  • Northwest Naturals Raw & Freeze Dried

  • Fruitables Cans

  • Fussie Cat Kibble & Cans

  • Dave's Cans

  • Farmina Kibble & Cans

  • Savage Cat Raw

  • K9 Natural Freeze Dried Tripe

  • Wisdom Air Dried

  • Dr. Marty's Freeze Dried

  • Grandma Lucy's upon request

  • Koha Cans

  • Merrick Dog & Cat Cans

  • Nature's Logic Kibble 

  • Open Farm Kibble, Freeze Dried, Milks & Bone Broth

  • Primal Bone Broth & Milks

  • Small Batch Raw, Freeze Dried & Cooked

  • Primal Foods upon request

  • Honest Kitchen upon request

  • Grandma Lucy's

  • Stella & Chewy's Raw, Stews, Kibble, Gently Cooked, Bone Broth & Freeze Dried, Cat Cans

  • Sojo's Dehydrated

  • Steve's Freeze Dried & Raw

  • Tucker's Raw & Raw Bones

  • Vital Essentials Raw Cat 

  • Weruva Dog & Cat Cans

  • Zignature Kibble & Cans

  • Ziwi Peak Air Dried

  • Bones & Co Milks

  • Under The Weather

  • Raw Dynamic

Are you paying too much for your pet's food?  Treats?  Toys?  Collars?  Accessories?

If you aren't buying from us, you probably are!

Our prices are low because we feel every dog & cat deserves the best!

Collars, Leads & Accessories

HAIRY WINSTON offers the largest selection of collars, leads and accessories for dogs and cats! 

Flowers and Bow Ties are a great way to dress up your pet's collar! All of our flowers or bow ties can fit any collar you like and are sold separately. 

We also offer custom engraved tags while you shop.


From rubber to plush and tough-to-crinkle toys, we have them all and everything in between.  Whether your dog is a light nibbler or a true toy killer, we have the perfect toy.

Keep in mind...dogs love to destroy toys as it helps satisfy their natural instincts.  Please don't deny your dog toys because they destroy them too fast.  If a toy is too tough, your dog will lose interest when it can't be destroyed.  We will help you find the perfect toy that is both exciting and durable. 

Good dogs destroy their toys, bad dogs destroy your shoes!

No toy is indestructible.


We have the purrfect toys for your feline friends too! Whether they drool for catnip or cry for crinkle toys, we have what they are longing for! 

Our selection may be small, but it really packs a catnip punch. 

Chews, Bones & Treats

Step right up to our bone bar!  

We have a huge selection of all natural chews, bones and treats. Whether you are looking for odor-free bully sticks, mammoth sized bones or our HAIRY WINSTON brand jerky and biscuits, we have something for everyone.

Does your dog have food sensitivities? You will be amazed by all of our hypo-allergenic options for even the most sensitive pooches.

Bed, Bath, & Baubles

You won't find any soaps or detergents here!  Our spa products are tear free and pH balanced especially for pets.  Made from pure natural ingredients and botanical extracts that help heal, soothe and moisturize any coat.

Also free from dyes, parabens, alcohol, salt, phosphates, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances.

Anything else you need? We've got it! 

Professional Brushes ♢ Hand Painted Bowls & Raised Diners ♢ Decorative Placemats ♢ Luxurious Bedding ♢ Totes & Car Seats 

♢ Picture Frames & Wall Plaques ♢ Gifts for Pet Owners 

♢ Odor Eliminating Candles & Sprays ♢ PLUS MORE!

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