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Wisdom Gently Air Dried Food

Wisdom Gently Air Dried Food

Wisdom is air-dried to maintain vital nutrients and natural flavors. Once cooked, the meat, Vitality Cubes™, and fruits & veggies are carefully tumbled together to create an intensely flavorful, visibly vibrant, and nutritionally complete food. This one-of-a-kind approach allows you to see each healthy ingredient and know exactly what you’re feeding your dog.


High Palatability: There are many things that increase palatability and Wisdom has them all: savory aromas, interesting textures, and multiple flavors. Our “low & slow” air-drying method optimizes moisture so dogs can fully enjoy the best food they’ve ever had.


High Nutrient Density: Our 3 premium components are each air-dried separately at the optimal temperature to retain nutrients and moisture. But we didn’t stop there. Wisdom’s nutrient density is bolstered with our focus on using whole food ingredients like sprouted seeds, fruits, and vegetables, which increase bioavailability. Concentrated micronutrients from organic fruits, vegetables, and seeds help ensure your dog gets everything they need.


High Digestibility: Digestibility is a food’s ability to deliver essential nutrients. Independent testing shows that Wisdom™ is 97% digestible. When adjusted for nutrient loss through urine, tests show that Wisdom remains 89% digestible, which is higher than most dog foods on the market.

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